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Please no early or late arrival. 

Must wear a face mask 

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The New butterfly house that I bought last fall on sale. 

The house measures 7 - foot by 8 - foot.




I found 5 caterpillars on my fennel and parsley plants that I grew for them as their host plant. 

I potted up the plant that each caterpillar was on being careful not to harm them.  





Black swallowtail early pupa


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My adventure in saving the monarch butterflies for the first time ever, in northern New Jersey. I planted tropical milkweed the year before and the seed pod busted open so I had hundreds fo baby milkweeds.


I only found out this year that the female likes to lay her eggs on young seedling so the caterpillar has a soft leaf to eat. I stopped counting when I reached 170 butterflies that I released.





Here's a better picture of the cardboard monarch caterpillar house that

I created to raised monarch butterflies summer of 2019

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Swamp and Showy Milkweed plants for the Monarch.




"If you plant lots of flowers the butterflies will show up"


I purchased my milkweed plants from Rose Franklin's Perennials, Spring Mills, Pa 2019. 


After having such a hard time finding non pesticide milkweed I purchased a greenhouse and plan on selling milkweed.


If you are want to purchase milkweed plant from me please email at designsbyeleanor@msn.com and I will send you a list of plants that I'm growing and how much they cost.









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Monarch butterfly laying her eggs on milkweed in my yard in Towaco, NJ. I planted three butterfly milkweed in the summer of 2018 and allowed the seed pod to burst open and reseed the flower bed if you can or you can plant them before the ground freezes.

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